The Education Team is made up of Circle members who plan and present programs to Circle members, parishioners, and the public that educate on matters of immigration.

Five Zoom programs were presented during our summer of education in 2020.  They were recorded and can be watched on our website. (Click here for the Newsletter/Video tab.)

- Immigration Crisis and Our Faith
- Historical Background for the Causes of Mexican and Central American Migration
- Immigration Law in the United States: Then and Now
- The Current Situation: Immigration Rights and Legislation
- Catholic Social Teaching

Direct Support

The Direct Support team of Circle members work with immigrants in the Metro Detroit area daily to help them obtain basic needs, medical care and legal help. Circles have also been instrumental in helping immigrants obtain jobs and, in one case, establish a small business.

We have been working with immigrant women in our area to form Circles of Support. We are happy to report that we now have four Circles of immigrant women made up of over 40 women living in southeastern Michigan and actively participating in SNL.
- Mujeres Bajo la Protección de Dios (Women Under the Protection of God)
- Mujeres de Fe y Esperanza (Women of Faith and Hope)
- Mujeres Portadoras de Luz (Light Bearer Women)
- Mujeres Unidas (United Women)

According to Sr. Martha de la Torre, "The Circles of Support of immigrant women are spaces that women can feel as “their space,” meaning a space where they are able to share their lived experiences."

SNL is grateful to the Catholic Foundation of Michigan for supporting this effort through a grant of $5000.

Our Circles continue to serve immigrant families on a daily basis as well as collect funds for shelters and way-stations in Mexico that provide rest and food to traveling migrants.


The Advocacy team is made up of Circle members. They develop plans to affect change in both state and federal policy and train Circle members to implement the plans.

Circle members from SS John and Paul (Macomb) and other Circle members living in the Shelby Township area visited Shelby Township police and administration after two recent racist postings from the Chief of Police and a Trustee. The Advocacy team has requested that police statistics on interactions with residents and those passing through Shelby Township be made public. They also asked that a panel of residents and small business leaders be formed to advise and make suggestions to the administration. A plan to enter into further discussion with regards to this matter includes reaching out to other Christian churches in Shelby Township to form a group of local pastors and faith leaders.

Further advocacy within the Michigan legislature includes reaching out to our Representatives and Senators to get the Michigan Drivers License Initiative, or the Drive SAFE bills  out of committee. The Advocacy team will also partner with the Michigan Catholic Conference and the Catholic Advocacy Network with regard to these bills. 

Spiritual Integration

The Spiritual Integration team supports the members during leadership and larger assembly meetings through reflections on where God is moving in individuals and the organization.

Most Holy Trinity
Detroit, MI

St. Damien Molokai
Pontiac, MI

St. Damien Molokai
Pontiac, MI