Areas of action of Stranger no longers

Our main objective is to connect the communities within the Catholic Church in favor of social justice for immigrants and refugees.


Faith and work

Prayer is part of our daily life, but we do not forget that Jesus went out into the streets to preach the gospel.

Share resources

The types of resources are as diverse as our cultures, resources can be economic, skills, contacts or simply a heart willing to donate their time to make immigrants and refugees welcome.


Our team has a series of trainings and panelists with life testimonies, immigrants who are not afraid to tell their experiences migrating or even team members who have been working with immigrants in Michigan for years.


We are an effort from within the Catholic Church in Michigan, but we work hand in hand with other churches and organizations that share our goals.

Telling the truth

Change the way immigrants are criminalized and discriminated, bringing real stories to the community, empathizing and welcoming foreigners in our community.

Everyone is welcome

Although we work mostly with Latinos / Hispanics, our effort is inclusive and we fight for social justice towards immigrants and refugees regardless of their place of origin or creed.

Contac us

+(313) 549-0421

We attend during office hours from 8 am to 7 pm.

Send us an email, we will respond ASAP.