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Help immigrant families in SE Michigan get through the winter

Please consider sharing part of your COVID stimulus check with them.

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Strangers No Longer Circles Mobilize to Stop Deportation of Guatemalan Family

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Strangers No Longer receives $5000 from the Catholic Foundation of Michigan

Strangers No Longer has just received a grant of $5000 from the Catholic Foundation of Michigan ( to continue their work of forming Circles of Support among immigrants to the U.S. from Mexico and Central America. SNL has already formed one immigrant Circle in Wayne County with the help of Sr. Martha de la Torre SMR and Amy Ketner (St. Mary Student Parish, Ann Arbor) known as Mujeres Bajo la Proteccion de Dios (Women Under the Protection of God.)

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The Election---and Our Road Ahead

What did we learn from this election? Guests with a deep understanding of people and politics in issues like immigration, inequality, racism, and economic health joined us in a panel discussion: 
- U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell
- MIchigan State Senator Marshall Bullock  
- Oscar Chacon, Executive Director of Alianza Americas 

Materials for Meeting with State Legislators

We know how important it is that our Circles -- and other members of the parish -- have a relationship with their legislators. We also know that the DRIVE SAFE bills (providing for immigrants to have drivers' licenses) need to be reintroduced with the newly elected State Legislature. Therefore our Circle meetings with legislators have just become even more important! 

Click here for the guide to set up a meeting

Click here for the DRIVE SAFE summary presentation

Strangers No Longer is a network of parishes and congregations creating Circles of Support. . .

to provide assistance to immigrants in our area and to advocate for a comprehensive and humane immigration policy. We do this to put into practice the example of Jesus and Pope Francis: to receive strangers (the migrants) as our own brothers and sisters. Our support is shown in four ways:

1) Education – We strive to educate in the parishes and congregations about U.S. immigration policy, the effect it is having on real people, and the needs that arise out of this policy.

2) Direct Support/Accompaniment – We work with families directly in many ways including accompanying immigrant families to court, and providing transportation, translation, and emergency financial support.

3) Advocacy – We advocate for more humane policies and practices toward immigrants at local, state, and national levels -- meeting with local officials, asking them to make policies and practices that reflect the values of the parish.

4) Spiritual Integration - The work of Strangers No Longer is deeply rooted in scripture, the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching, and the experience of the presence of God in the lives of the people we serve and our members. The Spiritual Integration team supports the members during leadership and larger assembly meetings through reflections on where God is moving in individuals and the organization.

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“We cannot remain insensitive, our hearts deadened before the misery of so many innocent people. We must not fail to weep. We must not fail to respond.”

Pope Francis

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