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September 2020


August 2020


June 2020


Election Season: A Call to Action!

We need to take this opportunity to make sure our elected representatives are aware of the issues important to us. But how do we do that?


August 2020 - Fr. Dave Buersmeyer of St. Regis Parish in Bloomfield Township, MI leads us in a review of how Catholic Social Teaching developed with supporting Scriptural touchstones along with a discussion of the Core Principles Integrating Catholic Social Teaching into our journey toward a justice- centered spirituality.  For the pamphlet he references in the video click here.

Immigration Law in the United States: Then and Now

July 2020 - Immigration Attorney Melanie Goldberg provides you with a no-nonsense background on Immigration law, policies and current issues with some historical perspective. Immigration law and policies are changing daily under the current administration. 

Historical Background for the Causes of Mexican and Central American Migration

July 2020 - Gail Presbey, Professor at University of Detroit Mercy, presents a brief history of the ancient civilizations in present-day Mexico and Central America, the impact of the U.S. military and political interventions in the region throughout the 20th century, and Liberation Theology which has led to courageous efforts to end the exploitation of the poor.

The Current Situation: Immigration Rights and Legislation

July 2020 - Yanira Arias, Campaign Manager, Alianza Americas and Andrew Moore, Professor, University of Detroit Law School discuss recent Supreme Court decisions. They also consider upcoming legal battles regarding immigration, DACA students, and individuals with temporary protected status (TPS.)

Immigration Crisis and Our Faith

June 2020 - Why are immigrants leaving their home countries?  Why can’t they come legally?  How do immigrants impact our society?  What does Catholic Social Teaching tell us?